SHEQ Policy

Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Policy

It is the policy of Great British Communications Ltd to deliver the most professional service available, meeting all contractual requirements of our customers through the employment and training of competent personnel. We aim for continual improvement by being proactive in all areas of our business, through effective communication with our customers and to have the flexibility and competency to meet their demands and future needs. The significant impact that our company could have on safety, health, the environment and quality is controlled by our management systems.


Our aim is to be market leader in telecommunications infrastructure services and to ensure that risks are identified and wherever reasonably practicable, eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level compliant with UK legislation.


To achieve this we have a number of key safety, health, environmental and quality objectives in place. These are:


• To satisfy customer needs first time round.
• To monitor the internal procedures and practices to best use resources with the objective of reducing impact.
• To provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury or ill health assessed through the use of risk assessments and the provision of suitable protective equipment and suitable preventative practices.
• To commit to the elimination of hazards where possible and thus reduce health and safety risks for our employees and other interested parties.
• To ensure our employees and supply chain partners are competent through the provision of information, training and instruction.
• To involve workers in the management and implementation of health and safety through consultation and participation.
• To commit to the protection of the environment by ensuring that our works do not pollute or otherwise cause harm to the environment that we are working in.
• To ensure our services fully meet national and customer requirements while complying with or exceeding legislation, standards and other requirements applicable to our company.
• To regularly audit our performance to ensure continual improvement.
• To use the information gathered, as part of our continual improvement, in setting and reviewing objectives and ensuring that targets are met.


Great British Communications Ltd will encourage all who are actively linked with our company to support the objectives set by ourselves.


Top management shall ensure that the policy and requirements are recognised and that consistent implementation is achieved by all levels of personnel within the company.


Marc Creasy
Managing Director
Great British Communications Ltd
1st April 2023