Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

Great British Communications Ltd understands the Information Security needs and expectations of its interested parties both within the organization and from external parties, including clients, vendors, and regulatory bodies.


As a response to these needs and expectations, GBC considers Information Security Management and its integral parts;


  • Confidentiality as preventing disclosure of information to unauthorised persons;
  • Integrity as assuring that information is correct, reliable and complete; and
  • Availability as assuring that information is available to those who need it and whenever they need it;


as their primary responsibility and fundamental to best business practice. Information security policy is aligned to the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and the Company is committed to:


  • Comply to all applicable laws, contractual security obligations and business and regulatory requirements;
  • Constantly strive to meet its clients´ expectations by acting in accordance with security standards;
  • Implement relevant processes while considering the protection of the organization´s information assets from all known threats both internal and external, and provide guidance on information security matters to interested parties;
  • Communicate the security policy to all interested parties as applicable;
  • Maintain employee awareness so they can identify company specific responsibilities of Information Security Management;
  • Adopt continual improvement measures, including risk assessment and risk treatment strategies, and regular reviews of security objectives;
  • Pursue a faster, better, smarter approach to Information Security Management.


GBC has committed information security throughout the organisation to the following objectives;


  • Continual improvement of the ISMS
  • Maintain employee awareness regarding information security
  • Minimising information security events throughout the organisation


The policy has been approved by the Managing Director and is reviewed annually or should a significant change occur.


The Top Management at Great British Communications is committed to the ISMS, and shall ensure that this policy is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization.


Marc Creasy

Managing Director

Great British Communications Ltd

1st April 2022